We'll See How it Goes

from by Hold on Photon



She met a man through work
She thought it might work out
What she didn't know
He never shut his mouth
He talked about the loans
He talked about amounts
He talked about the crap on the news
that no one cares about

Will they make it
nobody knows
he bought her a sandwich
We'll see how it goes

Danny's got a new one
it don't make no difference to me
Soon as he starts talkin
They find a reason to leave
but this one won't be
till he's six feet below
she's got a plan for that insurance money
we'll see how it goes

He takes his vitamins
She drinks to excess
they're both losing themselves
With this time and age mess
where accidents happen
even if some are provoked
today's another short story

we'll see how it goes


from Is This a Joke?, released August 15, 2014


all rights reserved



Hold on Photon Helena, Alabama

Sean Glass is a lawnchair balloonist and live action lunatic from Helena, AL. His style draws deeply from blues, folk, science and existentialism. Check out the official site for more info. Or not. It's amazing you even read this.

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